Tafel House saved?

(c) Mark Hertzberg

It looks likely that Edgar Tafel’s Carl and Marie Albert House in Wind Point (near Racine), Wisconsin will be saved. Another court hearing is scheduled for Friday afternoon, December 20. I regrettably cannot be there, so I will look for a newspaper update. One of the sticking points in the long dispute was the unsightly temporary covering on the roof. The roof has been redone. The exterior photos were shot this afternoon.

Albert 12.18 a

Albert 12.18. b

There is still a lot of work to be done inside. Judge John Jude wanted electrical and plumbing work completed by the 20th. Although the electrical work has not been finished, Linden Schulz, one of the owner’s sons, told me today that the village building inspector seemed satisfied with the progress in the house during an inspection yesterday. Schulz  is optimistic that the hearing will go well. The two interior photos were shot Saturday.

Albert 12.14 a

Albert 12.14. b


2 thoughts on “Tafel House saved?

  1. I certainly hope so. I drove by the house in August while on a working trip to Wisconsin. I found it a very nice looking house in a great setting. What a shame if it were lost; to say nothing of the loss of Mr. Tafel’s work. Very hard to understand how it was ever considered for demolition. Idiots.

    • The house looks much better than it did for a long time. The tarps on the roof were admittedly an eyesore. I gather that the interior was in such bad shape that it was likely reasonably deemed uninhabitable. At one point, long before the interior was gutted, I was advised by a preservationist not to enter without proper breathing protection against the mold.

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