“Two Taliesins” (really three) at SCJ

(c) Text by Mark Hertzberg / Photos by Mark Hertzberg for SC Johnson

The third iteration of “At Home with Frank Lloyd Wright” opens Friday in Fortaleza Hall on the SC Johnson campus in Racine. The exhibition is entitled “The Two Taliesins,” but in addition to Taliesin and Taliesin West, it also includes what has sometimes been referred to as Taliesin East, Wright’s suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Workers were completing the installation when I photographed it last week.



A publicity statement from SC Johnson describes the exhibition: 

‘Wright used both homes as laboratories where he could develop and test his architectural ideas. The exhibit will compare and contrast how Wright incorporated his signature and revolutionary “organic” design concepts into his own homes, each of which reflected the very different landscapes and climates in which they were built.   

‘Artifacts from Wright’s Wisconsin and Arizona homes will be on display that simulate their natural settings and convey their significance to the Taliesin concept. The exhibit will also feature a collection of rare photos and videos that show Wright at home. In addition, visitors will learn about the central role that color played in Wright’s designs of the Taliesins.”


The gallery opened in 2012 with an exhibition devoted to Wright’s Prairie-style homes. His Usonian homes were the theme of the 2013 exhibition in the gallery.





The Wright-designed SC Johnson Research Towers opens for the first public tours ever on Friday, as well. I have had the privilege of photographing several times during the 2013 restoration of the tower and the installation of the exhibits in the Tower over the last few weeks (see previous posts). For information about making reservations for tours, go to: http://www.scjohnson.com/en/company/visiting.aspx


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