Photos / First Tower Tour

Photos (c) Mark Hertzberg for SC Johnson

The first public guests to ever tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Research Tower had about 45 minutes to explore the 1950s artifacts and displays about the architectural history of the building on two floors of the building, 3 Main and 3 Mezz, Friday morning. Interest in these first-ever tours has been so great that beginning in late May tours will be run five days a week through September, rather than only two days a week. These photos are from the first tour:








And I leave you with one photo from the companion tour of the Administration Building:

First Tower Tour

2 thoughts on “Photos / First Tower Tour

  1. Thanks for the good pictures, Mark.

    There is such a run on for tickets, think I will wait until next year when the FLWBC has their conference in Milwaukee. By then all the hoopla will have died down.

    FYI — Blair Kamin was on Chicago Tonight last night plus Chicago Tonight had their own reporter and segment running this week.

    Ruth Oberg

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