Wingspread Tours Added to SCJ Tour Program

Photos (c) Mark Hertzberg

Wingspread fplace

Wingspread aerials 2009

For many years visitors to the SC Johnson Administration Building have asked how they can tour the Research Tower (added to the tour program this past May) and Wingspread (where tours had to be arranged separately, and dependent on the conference schedule).

Today SC Johnson announces that it is adding Wingspread to its tour program.

Wingspread was designed for company president H.F. Johnson Jr. in 1937, a year after the Administration Building. His grandson, company Chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson, describes the Wright buildings as “great architectural masterpieces…we feel a great responsibility to share his incredible work with the world.” He continues, “For me, these structures are so much more than just buildings; they are a constant reminder of some of the bold choices my grandfather made.”

Wingspread became home to the Johnson Foundation around 1959. National Public Radio, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the International Court of Justice all grew out of what were often known as “Wingspread conferences.”

Some of my favorite photos show the afternoon sun coming through the clerestory windows in the Great Room.


Wingspread fplace 2

Clerestory Sun 003

Reservations can be made at or by calling 262-260-2154.

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Wingspread aerials 2009



One thought on “Wingspread Tours Added to SCJ Tour Program

  1. Love your photos! And although I was able to tour Wingspread during Wright & Like a few years ago I am so glad to know that I will now be able to see it again when I can get back to that area.. It is definitely worth a second tour.

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