Frank Lloyd Wright in the Southwest

Photos (c) Mark Hertzberg

The recent 25th annual meeting of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy in Phoenix was my first opportunity to photograph Wright’s work in the southwest. These are some of my favorite photos. Taliesin West is last. The David and Gladys Wright House would be a joy to photograph, but we were asked to respect the owner’s wishes and not photograph even the exterior from the grounds. While some people photographed it through a chain link fence, I do not think that view does the house visual justice.

My favorite image is of the circular wall surrounding the swimming pool at the Norman Lykes House. I am also including an overall picture of the house to give the photo some context a close-up view through one of the portholes:

Norman Lykes House

Lykes 1 LR

Lykes LR 1

I enjoyed photographing the approach to the Grady Gammage Auditorium on the pedestrian ramps from the parking lot:

Grady Gammage

This note by Wright is at the entrance to the Carlson House:

Carlson House

The Harold Price House has wonderful doors designed by Eugene Masselink. You get a hint of the design in the second photo:

 Harold Price LR 3

Harold Price LR 1

Harold Price House Harold Price House

The First Christian Church was adapted from a design of Wright’s by Taliesin Associated Architects. This is the view looking into the jewel-like middle of the ceiling with an 80-200mm lens:

First Christian LR

The Boomer House has dramatic roof lines. Again, there is an overall photo of the house for context:

Boomer 2 LR Boomer LR

Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer’s house, adapted from the Jester House plans, has circular rooms, including the living room:

Taliesin West

And now some of my visual impressions of Taliesin West:

Taliesin West

Then, the ceiling in the private dining area by the living room:

Taliesin West

Taliesin WestTaliesin West

Two window reflections:

 Taliesin West

Taliesin West

The use of native rock is legendary:

Taliesin West

Taliesin West

Taliesin West

There is a wonderful round gate into Mrs. Wright’s garden:Taliesin WestTaliesin West Taliesin West  Taliesin West

Taliesin West


7 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wright in the Southwest

  1. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I would have hoped that you would have been allowed to photograph as a professional while most of us are kept out. Personally, I am getting fed up with the perception that we are all criminals — Fear has taken over. I refuse to participate.

    • I am grateful for the house being saved and respected the owner’s wishes. I’m sure in time we will all get to photograph the house. It would have been hard to shoot with the Halloween decorations 🙂

    • I, too, am tired of the anal attitudes by some of the organizations (including the Conservancy, which I am a member of) regarding interior photos. Invariably (when asked), owners welcome interior photos. But the organizations have blanket policies. An exception to this is the Home and Studio Foundation, which now allows interior photos by members or for a small fee. It’s really archaic in this day and age to prohibit them unless the owners request it, as in this instance..

      • On fairness, especially with the Internet, homeownera have no control then over where photos end up. There is top much unauthorized commercial theft of photos

  2. Hi, Mark——Thanks for the photos—-As I mentioned, in passing to Eric at PrairieMod, both you guys have to get out to Arizona more often, In the years that I used to photograph the exteriors of Mr. Wright’s buildings for him in Kodachrome, there is a particular photo of David Wright’s house showing the curve of the entrance ramp that Mr. Wright liked with my Cherokee-Red 1953 Raymond Loewy designed Studebaker Coupe in the photo . Must still be somewhere in the TW archives sent to NYC. I really liked also your photos inside the Johnson Wax Research Tower——– A believer in your dedicated work on Mr. Wright—— George James Taliesin Fellow 1952-1953

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