Special event Friday June 3

There is much more to distinguished architecture in Racine than Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. Consider the names Howard Van Doren Shaw; McKim, Mead, and White; Holabird and Root; Francis Barry Byrne (with Alfonso Iannelli); Lord Norman Foster + Partners; John Randal McDonald; William Kaeser; Helmut Ajango; Ken Dahlin; Johnsen Schmaling; and Alfred Browning Parker among others.
The preview event Friday June 3 for Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin’s annual Wright and Like tour is the premiere showing at Wright’s Wingspread of “115 Years of Architectural Excellence in Racine” by Dave Erickson, Robert Hartmann, and Mark Hertzberg.
Tickets are still available, and can be ordered at: www.wrightinwisconsin.org
The cost is $125 for members, $150 for non-members. The event runs from 6 – 9 p.m. and includes heavy appetizers, coffee, and dessert.

2 thoughts on “Special event Friday June 3

  1. “Premiere showing”? Mark, that wording implies a film. Is it? I had thought the event involved a slide show presentation by the three of you. Please elaborate. And of course Edgar Tafel is among the important ‘others’ in the Racine architectural mix. Bravo to you and Bob for putting this together!

    • We have changed the format of the presentation to a pre-recorded movie format rather than each of us speaking extemporaneously, to make sure we meed the time restrictions. We will be there for questions. And, of course, Edgar is included! We look forward to seeing you there. Dave Erickson is an important part of the team.

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