First Wright Heritage Trail Signage Placed on I-94

(c) Mark Hertzberg 2016

The new Frank Lloyd Wright Trail was dedicated this morning in Madison. The trail, which runs from the Illinois – Wisconsin state line to Richland Center, is a joint effort by the state departments of tourism and transportation to highlight the rich heritage of Wright’s work in his native state. About 142 signs have been placed in the last few weeks on I-94 and other highways marking the path to nine Wright sites.

LR FLW Heritage Trail Signs 003.jpg

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the bipartisan bill establishing the Trail in a ceremony at Taliesin in March:

LR Walker Wright Trail 073.jpg

LR Walker Wright Trail 061.jpg

Signs directing motorists to specific public sites such as the SC Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower and Wingspread in Racine will be erected in spring.

LR FLW Heritage Trail Signs 001.jpg

A link to the Department of Tourism page with the official map follows:

3 thoughts on “First Wright Heritage Trail Signage Placed on I-94

  1. Are the wooden post and obvious bolts part of the design, or is this just a mock up sign – the real ones will be done properly?

    • This is a real sign. There will be specific directional ones placed in the spring. Wooden posts are common for holding road signs in the area. I’m not sure what alternative you suggest. One commenter on a Facebook link suggests that wood is chosen rather than metal so as to be less likely to impale someone after an accident. I’m not a safety engineer so I can’t comment. As for the bolts, how should the signs be secured to the posts? Keep budget restrictions in mind.

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