Who is viewing this site?

I am intrigued by the range of nations shown on a world map with flags denoting where readers are from when I look at reader statistics for this site. I appreciate your interest. Feel free to submit comments telling me a bit about yourself and your interest if your are from abroad. I seem to have a steady reader in Spain, some in Canada, regular readers from South Africa and Belgium, etc. Fill us in! You don’t have to sign your name.

Thank you!

Mark Hertzberg


13 thoughts on “Who is viewing this site?

  1. Hi Mark,
    I’m from Alice Springs, which is in the centre of Australia. Might seem a bit isolated, but we enjoy our visits to Wisconsin and especially to Racine. Over the years we have stayed at Still Bend in Two Rivers, the Seth Peterson Cottage on Mirror Lake, and ABS house in Milwaukee. We also used Wisconsin as a base to drive to Park Inn in Mason City.
    For day excursions we have visited Monona Terrace and Unitarian Meeting Place in Madison, and 2 trips to Racine to visit the SCJ Research Tower, Admin building, and Wingspread. Even enjoyed a picnic in park next to Hardy House.
    We have visited Spring Green twice, have done the complete Taliesin estate tour, also two very good lunches at the visitors centre. People are amazed we have traveled so far to see and experience Mr Wrights works in his home state. We are amazed that so few Wisconsinites get to appreciate what is in their own back yard.
    This year I am only virtually travelling – look up Razin Khan on facebook – he does amazing work, needs encouragement to bring Taliesin into the digital world.

    Thanks Mark for your blog, always appreciated reading


    Matthew & Glen.

  2. Hi Mark,
    My two boys (13 and 11) are heading to Racine today to visit the SC Johnson Headquarters, and Wingspread. We are from Menomonie, Wisconsin, and both my boys are FLW fans. My 11 year old is currently in 5th grade, and studying Frank Lloyd Wright in class. The curriculum from now until the end of the year revolves around Frank Lloyd Wright, and students complete an in depth project based on FLW and his principles. My oldest son did this project in 5th grade as well, and still has the love of exploring FLW buildings. We will be walking by the Thomas P. Hardy House to take a few pictures. In May, my son’s class will do a two night field trip, and tour multiple buildings in Illinois and Wisconsin.

  3. Reading from Palmetto, Florida. Saw Wright’s work at Florida Southern College and was enchanted and impressed. Always a great feeling just being at a place like that. Thanks, Mark, for the invite to post.

  4. Reading from La Grange, IL. We’ve got 4 Wright homes here. Luckily, I have a view of one right across the street. Thanks for sharing the great content.

  5. Carbondale, IL Grew up in Aurora (Greene house, etc.) where I developed a love of architecture. Have lived here in S.Illinois since 1969 except for a few years. I have visited many Wright structures and did the Wright in Wis. tours for several years.

  6. My parent’s “Sunday drives” were mostly to visit Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Racine, Richland Center, and Chicago. As a child, I sat in the back of an Oldsmobile and saw FLW buildings over and over. I especially loved the Hardy House and am glad to learn that Eugene (Gene) Szymczak received credit for his dedication and restoration. I have always been a fan of your photography and am glad you got interested in Frank Lloyd Wright. I am working to try and get a copy of your book, “Wright in Racine.” I grew up in Kenosha and worked for The Journal Times. ~Philip Livingston, Henderson, Nevada

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