Photographing Wright

Photos (c) Mark Hertzberg 2017

I have been accompanying a Road Scholar architecture tour in Racine, Milwaukee, Madison, and Spring Green. Below are some photos I’ve shot during the tour, as well as some photos from a shoot at SC Johnson Tuesday:

The ceiling in the entry way of Wyoming Valley School, Spring Green:Wyoming Valley 2 LR.jpg

Classroom window mitre at Wyoming Valley School:Wyoming Valley LR 1.jpg

View of the Wisconsin River from Riverview Terrace Restaurant:

Riverview LR 1.jpg

The Ceiling in the Assembly Room of Hillside Home School, Spring Green:

Hillside LR.jpg

Taliesin, Spring Green:

Taliesin LR.jpgTaliesin 2 LR.jpg

Unitarian Meeting House, Madison

Unitarian 2 LR.jpgUnitarian LR.jpgUnitarian Pano 1 LR.jpgUnitarian Pano 2 LR.jpg

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa:

Annunication Pano LR.jpg

Wingpsread (H.F. Johnson Jr. Home), Wind Point:

Wingpsread LR 2.jpgWingpsread LR.jpg

SC Johnson Administration Building, Racine:

SCJ LR.jpgSCJ 5 LR.jpgSCJ 3 LR.jpgSCJ 6 LR.jpgSCJ 2 LR.jpgSCJ 4 LR.jpg

And, finally, one that did not work out…I needed a photo to illustrate Wright’s use of light in the Great Workroom…I did not want the typical documentary photo. I borrowed a fisheye lens from Nikon. I have given it a trial run with some people via email, and they have given it a thumbs down. I am inclined to agree with them. But I had to try it. Here is what that miss looks like:Skylights 9.5.17.jpg

6 thoughts on “Photographing Wright

    • Thank you, Stan. As you know from being at Hollyhock House, we often see these familiar buildings in new ways almost every time we spend time in them. I don’t know how many times I have climbed the stairs at Wingspread, but I never saw the clerestory windows framed the way I did Wednesday, for example.

  1. i’m a décent at Monona Terrace, and something i always suggest to people on my tour is not to just walk through the spaces, but stop and look around. there are always intersecting lines with light filtering through them. been doing this for 14 years, and each time i’m in Monona Terrace i see it differently. that’s what so wonderful about a fllw designed building.

    thank again mark. good eye.

  2. Hi Mark, just returned from a different Road Scholar trip and noticed your article in the alumni magazine. That’s so cool that you’re involved in their tour through town. If there’s anything I can ever do to give you a hand with a tour while they’re here, just ask, I’d be thrilled to help. I’m a local Racine lover of FLW also. Good luck with the tours!

      • South Dakota…mt Rushmore, the badlands, Custer state park, mammoth dig, Lead gold mine, etc. It was fabulous! One of my favorite things about these trips is the speaker presentations, they were all great. I’m sure you do a wonderful job with this as well!

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