Selfie Time

(c) Mark Hertzberg 2018

This light-hearted post was prompted by a comment about “Selfies” made in response to a post by fellow Wright photographer Andrew Pielage to “The Wright Attitude” Facebook group. I shot my first Wright selfie at the Willey House in January, 2006, 18 months before the introduction of the iPhone and the concurrent obsession on selfies. It is literal and admittedly boring. I started having more fun with the idea after this photo. Technical notes are at the end of the post. And, yes, my hair has gotten grayer since that first photo at the Willey House!

Willey House122A.JPG

I shoot them only when the opportunity presents itself, rather than compulsively at each Wright site I photograph. Enjoy the gallery:

Ennis 421.JPGWith Cindy, Ennis House, March, 2008

Price Tower Self Port. 001.JPGPrice Tower, April, 2011

Zimmerman House 025.JPGZimmerman House, June, 2012

Annuniciation Greek Orthodox Church 069.jpgAnnunciation Greek Orthodox Church, July 2012

Wingspread 2.JPGWingspread, October 2012

FUS 083.JPGUnitarian Meeting House, January, 2013

Mason City 2013 002.jpgCity National Bank, June, 2013

Penwern 009selfie.jpgPenwern (Fred B. Jones Summer Cottage), July, 2013

Penwern Snow 040.jpgPenwern, January, 2014

FSC.JPGFlorida Southern College, March, 2014

Taliesin West 516.JPG

Taliesin West 535.jpgTaliesin West 529.JPGTaliesin West, October, 2104

Bernard Schwartz House 002.JPG

Schwartz 016.JPGStill Bend (Bernard Schwartz House), March 2015

Berger House 024.jpgBerger House, November 2016

Walker House.JPGWalker House, November, 2016

Cedar Rock.jpgCedar Rock, October 2016

Turkel 2.jpgTurkel House, July, 2018

Hardy Selfie 9.23.18.jpgThomas P. Hardy House, September, 2018

Hillside  Selfie 2018 026.JPGHillside Theater, October, 2018

Technical notes: Camera brands are irrelevant to me. I shoot with Nikons because I am invested into their lens system. And, from my newspaper days, I prefer to shoot with a black long lens than Canon’s more obtrusive white lenses. I shoot with two digital bodies, a cropped frame or DX body (currently a Nikon D500) with a 17-55mm f2.8 lens, and a full frame or FX body (currently a Nikon D850) with a 14mm f2.8 lens and a 70-210mm f2.8 lens. The long lens sometimes goes on the DX body. I occasionally use a 16mm f2.8 fisheye and an iPhone 6 for panoramic photos.

2 thoughts on “Selfie Time

  1. Partial to the Unitarian Meeting House and Hardy house ones. Nice job. Can’t wait until the Penwern book hits the stand!

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