In the World of Wright Books

(c) Mark Hertzberg (2019)

News about three books:

Penwern: I have finished the final edits on “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Penwern: A Summer Estate.” It will be published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press in June. Kate Thompson has been a wonderful editor to work with. This was my “desk” at a coffee shop:



Research Tower:  The Chinese Architecture and Building Press in Beijing will be publishing an “omnibus edition” with my “Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Research Tower” (Pomegranate: 2010) and Grant Hildebrand’s “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House” (University of Washington Press: 2005) translated into Mandarin. The target is for 2019 publication. The Mandarin edition is supposed to include a short text addendum and new photos reflecting the restoration of the Tower in 2013 and 2014 after the decision was made to open the Tower to public tours for the first time.

Wright’s life and career:

Plagued by Fire.jpg
Paul Hendrickson has a book coming out in October. I know Paul and have read three of his books. I recommend his work highly. He is a former writer (not reporter!) for the Washington Post. He teaches writing at the University of Pennsylvania. He has taken a unique approach to telling Wright’s story (I’m not spilling the beans here). He does meticulous research. He has done extensive research into Cecil Corwin and he was granted rare access to the SC Johnson archives. The book will be published in October. This is the publisher’s website link if you want to pre-order the book:




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