Wright on the Move, The Finale

All photos (c) Mark Hertzberg (2020) Today was moving day – again – for Frank Lloyd Wright’s diminutive Sherman Booth Cottage (1913) in Glencoe, Illinois. The house was moved a tenth of a mile to its new site on July … Continue reading

Wright on the Move

(c) Mark Hertzberg 2020 It was moving day in suburban Glencoe, Illinois for Frank Lloyd Wright’s diminutive Sherman Booth Cottage (1913) on Tuesday July 20. The cottage, built for Sherman Booth, Wright’s attorney, while his larger Wright home was under … Continue reading

Why the Flag Becomes Where’s the Flag?

© Mark Hertzberg This is a story that has a different ending than I anticipated when I started writing about the flag on the Hardy House. Tom Szymczak, one of the stewards of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Thomas P. Hardy House … Continue reading

Hardy Homecomings

Two people who grew up in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Thomas P. Hardy House in Racine, and a man who had the house on his paper route in the 1970s visited the house in May 2021. These are their stories. © … Continue reading

Hardy House: Photo Proof Positive

© Mark Hertzberg (2021) Several features of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Thomas P. Hardy House in Racine have been the subject of speculation for years because of the dearth of historic photos. Three newly discovered 1908 photos of the house, which … Continue reading

A New Take on Wright’s Work, Part Two

© Mark Hertzberg (2021) A week ago I posted a review of Joseph Siry’s new book, Air-Conditioning in Modern American Architecture, 1890-1970. The review was Wright-specific, for this website’s audience. It merits an addendum. I confess to having written it after finishing … Continue reading

Revisiting Wingspread, Cameras in Hand

Photos © Mark Hertzberg One of the joys I have in visiting buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, cameras in hand, is noticing new details, no matter how many times I have been at a particular site. Sometimes it is … Continue reading

Meet “The God-Almighty-Joneses”

© Mark Hertzberg, Simon Evans, and Georgia Lloyd Jones Snoke (2021) It is understandable, perhaps, that they were sometimes referred to by ‘the others’ in the Valley as ‘the God-Almighty Joneses.” Maginel Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright’s younger sister), in The … Continue reading

Further Diminished: The Wright World, Journalism, and Chicago

(c) Mark Hertzberg Yesterday Blair Kamin, the distinguished architecture critic of The Chicago Tribune, announced on Facebook that he is taking a buyout from the newspaper. This is a triple loss. First, let me copy his post: “After 33 years … Continue reading