Van Bergen House on the Move

Photos and text (c) Mark Hertzberg

Van Bergen House Move

The James Irving House, designed by noted Prairie-style architect John S. Van Bergen in 1928, is moved in three sections from 1318 Isabella Street in Wilmette, Illinois Friday October 10, 2014. The first section moved includes the living room and dining of the house. The house was bought by Christopher Enck to stave it from demolition after Landmarks Illinois brought attention to the plight of the house. Lisa Di Chiera, Director of Advocacy for Landmarks Illinois, left, and Enck photograph the move:

Van Bergen House Move

Van Bergen worked for Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909, before Wright left his Oak Park studio to work in Europe for two years. The historic house is being temporarily stored in the parking lot of a future Whole Foods store nearby, until its permanent site in Evanston is ready. A cottage attributed to Wright and Rudolph Schindler, said to be a temporary residence for Mr. Irving, once stood at the rear of the property. It is in storage off-site.

The move drew several dozen spectators:

Van Bergen House Move
Van Bergen House Move

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    • Thank you for noticing the article. I invite you to scroll through the site as well as to look at:
      I have been commissioned to write a book about Penwern, Fred B. Jones’ Wright-designed home and estate on Delavan Lake, Wisconsin (1900). My site also features progress in the restoration and rehabilitation of Wright’s Thomas P. Hardy House (1904-05) over the last two years.

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